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A Cruise I Couldn’t Refuse

March 25th, 2013

A Cruise I Couldn’t Refuse By Linda Ballou NABBW’s Adventure Travel Expert Doing nothing is perfectly acceptable on the 150-foot Safari Explorer luxury motor yacht. You don’t have to jump up for whale sightings or watch bottlenose dolphin ride the bow wave. You can sit on the upper sundeck wrapped in Sky Father’s blue dome cooled by the sea breeze and enjoy your favorite book. Peering into the cobalt blue depths at the amazing adaptations of creatures living in the coral reefs is not mandatory. You certainly don’t have to partake in all the wonderful gastronomic delights placed... Read More

Living in Ireland – A Nature Lover\’s Perspective

March 3rd, 2013

  By Teresa Roberts NABBW’s Expert on Living Abroad While I am not an expatriate, I do live abroad for up to ninety-day stretches at a time as an international house sitter. I have also enjoyed long-term rentals on numerous occasions. I now reap the benefits of having lifelong friends all over the world. Many offer us their guest houses free of charge. Having enjoyed a quiet life in various communities, it shouldn’t be surprising that I’ve grown attached to some of these lovely destinations. Since I am a compulsive wanderer, I would have trouble settling anywhere on a permanent basis... Read More

Living Abroad as an International House Sitter

January 14th, 2013

If you have ever dreamed of living abroad, you are not alone. There are a growing number of boomers who have packed up their belongings in order to establish residency in a new country. Americans and Canadians often wander south to warmer climates found in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, or Ecuador. Northern Europeans have moved in droves to Spain, Italy, Portugal and other locations. However, did you know that there is a way to live abroad without settling in one specific location or setting up housekeeping for good? I am referring to international house sitting, a form of long-term travel... Read More

Tiritiri Mitangi – Birding Adventure Down Under

November 19th, 2012

Tiritiri Mitangi – Birding Adventure Down Under By Linda Ballou NABBW’s Adventure Travel Expert December is a great time to explore the other land down under. The North Island of New Zealand is easy to get around and much less pricey than neighboring Australia. Kiwis take pride in making guests feel welcome and love to share their miles of hiking trails and un-trammeled shores. Tremendous efforts on the part of New Zealanders to preserve forests and the unique birds that call them home are especially evident on the tiny isle of Tiritiri Mitangi. Spray splashed over the bow of our... Read More

Interview with Donna Hull

September 24th, 2012

Interview with Donna Hull By Linda Ballou NABBW’s Adventure Travel Expert One of the best sites on the web for active boomers is My Itchy Travel Feet. Donna Hull has been scratching that itch for the last three years and having a ball doing it. Her site is very comprehensive with lots of fun articles about travel adventures for you to explore. Since I am a Hawai\’i aficionado, I especially liked Boomer Adventures in Hawai\’i. The Coastal California Road Trip suggesting several horseback riding opportunities along the coast made me want to start packing. Many of the articles... Read More

Last Chance for Romance in the West

July 29th, 2012

Last Chance for Romance in the West By Linda Ballou NABBW’s Adventure Travel Expert Aspen leaves spinning in a stout wind rattled like castanets. I found shelter beneath the spreading arms of an ancient spruce from the intense sun on a ledge overlooking the Platte River Valley. The ceaseless chatter of the river on its merry way to Denver kept me company. Below, nestled in the cleft of the blue mountains sheathed in Ponderosa pine, North Fork Ranch rests hidden from the modern world. People come here from around the globe to breathe the crystalline air, fish in the clear waters, and let... Read More

Walking Vacations

June 5th, 2012

Walking Vacations By Carol Sorgen NABBW’s Travel Expert When Matthew and Ellie Fink of Chevy Chase planned their vacation last summer, they wanted to get away from phones and faxes, do something completely different, go somewhere completely new to them, indulge their interest in history–and get a little exercise. They came up with the ideal solution–an 8-day walking trip to the borderlands of Scotland. “Our primary criterion,” Mrs. Fink laughs, “was, \’It can\’t be too difficult.\’ We\’re way out of shape.” Both in their early 50s... Read More

North Fork Ranch Interview

June 1st, 2012

North Fork Ranch Interview By Linda Ballou NABBW’s Adventure Travel Expert Guest ranches have provided a means for city folks to air out their spirits since the turn of the century, but today they are multi-sport adventures, leaping generation gaps and crossing cultural barriers in a single bound. Selected as one of the top fifty Guest Ranches in the world, North Fork Ranch sets the bar for the other ranches in Colorado. I asked owners, Karen and Dean May, what makes their ranch so special? KM: We are family owned and operated. We raised our family here and love sharing our beautiful... Read More

My Top Six Adventures to Do Before You Die

March 16th, 2012

My Top Six Adventures to Do Before You Die By Linda Ballou NABBW’s Adventure Travel Expert Rafting the Pacuare River in Costa Rica is a little known must. Class III-IV rapids are spaced nicely between peaceful glides through a primordial rain forest populated with colorful birds, grunting monkeys and three-toed sloth dozing in the canopy. Neon blue butterflies waft by on a warm breeze. Clear water invites a swim in deep pools beside a waterfall. All seems perfect in the world as you float feet first downstream. For more, read my article Finding the Real Gold in Costa Rica. Hiking up Soldiers... Read More

Save the Skin You\’re In

January 31st, 2012

Save the Skin You\’re In By Linda Ballou NABBW’s Adventure Travel Expert A glint of jealousy flashed in the eyes of my fellow adventurers on the jet boat ride out of the Grand Canyon when I whipped out my lightweight mask, secured it to the frame of my sunglasses, and turned to face 60-mile-an hour winds This handy defense against the elements helped protect my skin from the wind and intense glare of the sun reflecting on the water. Less than an ounce of protection in my pack prevented me from receiving skin damage with no cure. In Alaska, where I grew up, it is said that there is... Read More