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The Ageless Traveler: Is Dental Tourism Right for You? Or How We Saved $30,000 and Got a Great Smile

June 3rd, 2023

 By Adriane Berg, NABBW’s Associate for Successful Aging Let’s face it. The sad fact is that your teeth will likely wear out before you do. That can mean a substantial financial outlay if you are a user of American health care, as dental work is not normally covered by Medicare or private insurance. When my husband, Stu, was faced with the cost of extensive dentistry, we actually opted for treatment in Mexico. While this might seem exotic and even exciting, it actually was somewhat routine. And that’s the way we like our dentistry—no surprises.  What came as a BIG surprise was the... Read More

The Ageless Traveler: What’s On Your Second Bucket List?

April 22nd, 2023

By Adriane Berg, NABBW’s Associate for Successful Aging I am sitting in the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asuncion, Paraguay, having a transformational moment. After having visited 90 countries, all 50 states and almost all of the major US national parks — many of these places more than once (London 22 times!) — I am tearing up my Bucket List. This is a big deal. I made my first bucket list at age six when I saw the Disney Jungle River Cruise on TV. As I recall, it went down seven rivers in 20 minutes and ended in a visit with Trader Sam, who sold shrunken heads.... Read More

The Ageless Traveler: An Essential Guide to Traveling with an Older Adult

April 20th, 2023

By Adriane Berg, NABBW’s Associate for Successful Aging In anticipation of the upcoming podcast The Ageless Traveler: Lifelong Travel Made Easy, I discovered essential resources for traveling with an older adult. Happy travels. The idea of inter-generational travel conjures up thoughts of warm family closeness, laughing together, and newly created shared memories. But the pitfalls and dangers of traveling with an older adult are rarely considered until a problem arises. Fortunately, new and exciting resources make it easy to preplan and travel with your parents or older loved ones, even... Read More