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Have You Had That Conversation With Your Aging Parents?

We want our parents to use computers and the internet. The good news is that more and more of them are. The bad news is that an alarming number of them are also falling prey to identity thieves and internet scammers. I\’m sure you\’ve seen them – emails from banks, credit card companies, and stores […]

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Is Your Approach to Eldercare Like Deferred Maintenance?

What Is the Cost of Waiting? In 1975, NYC went nearly bankrupt. In an attempt to save money, it was decided that the city would not paint the bridges that year so they could use the money somewhere else. The next year, the “somewhere else” again expected to receive the bridge money . . . […]

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How To Avoid “Return To Sender”

I have always been a big postcard sender and a recent vacation was no exception! Watching me write the cards, one of the friends with whom I was traveling, a woman in her 80\’s, mentioned how sad it is that she\’s lost contact with many of her friends over the past several years. She said […]

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Getting More Like My Mother Every Day

“You\’re getting to be more like your mother every day!” Whenever I do something weird or funny (like talking with total strangers at another table in a restaurant), that\’s what my sister tells me. Well . . . the other day I caught a look of myself as I passed a store window. OMG – […]

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What\’s My Motivation?

Whatever topic you need to discuss with your aging loved one, the objective is to bring up and discuss it in such a way that your aging loved one will willingly do what\’s in their best interest. Unfortunately, however, the reality is that no one can make anyone want to do anything. All anyone can […]

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Sometimes It’s Good To Wallow

Five or six mornings a week, I walk 4 to 6 miles in Central Park. I get great joy from meandering. It’s something I do for my head more than for my body. In the past few years I’ve started feeding the birds and now the Cardinals come directly to me when they hear me […]

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Stand Up & Speak Out for Real Wellness

Many companies these days are focusing their employee benefits on wellness. That makes sense but when they think of wellness, most companies are thinking exercise programs, healthy eating, smoking cessation, stress reduction, etc. However, the point that many companies are missing is that many people aren\’t exercising or eating healthily, and are smoking, drinking, self-medicating, […]

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Make It a Happy New Year

Are you like me . . . dazzled by all the lights and decorations of the holidays, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends, and swept up with the magic? Are you then bummed when January comes and, as if with a flick of a switch, the parties stop, the mail is once again […]

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Make These Holidays to Remember

This week I went to a meeting where the topic was sharing special holiday memories. In addition to our memories, everyone was asked to bring their favorite holiday foods. It was a lot of fun but also a little sad because for several of them – including me – one of their loved ones past […]

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