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Boomer Women and the Changing Face of Retirement

September 26th, 2007

As a Baby Boomer, are you in agreement with the results of an American Association of Retired Persons\’ position paper – that the definition of work in retirement will be uniquely yours? Fully 80% of those who responded to the survey expect to continue some type of work after they reach retirement age. Many women don\’t have control over the decision regarding changes in their work situation. They may be faced, unexpectedly, with the loss of a job or a business. Or, out of financial necessity, they have no choice but to continue supporting themselves and their families. In... Read More

Baby Boomers as Grandparents: the Club Sandwich Generation

September 26th, 2007

As the offspring of Baby Boomers marry and start their own families, the responsibilities of the Sandwich Generation grow. You\’re already in the middle of your family in flux – between growing children and aging parents. Now the sandwich adds another layer, the grandchildren. It\’s sometimes harder to eat, but definitely quite appetizing. It\’s often said that you don\’t experience perfect love until the birth of your first grandchild. Baby Boomers describe this event as an opportunity to slow down and savor one of life\’s most precious gifts. Iris put it best:... Read More

How Politics Can Teach the Sandwich Generation a Lesson in Communication

August 30th, 2007

Senator John Kerry said his remark, “If you don\’t study hard you get stuck in Iraq,” was a joke gone awry. President George W. Bush was critical, commenting to the Associated Press that “it didn\’t sound like a joke to me. More important, it didn\’t sound like a joke to the troops.” What did you think? With the election right around the corner, the political stakes are high. Some bloggers and journalists in the Conservative camp are focused on Senator John Kerry\’s “campaign gaffe.” Others on the Democratic team view this fixation as... Read More

How Baby Boomers Can Feather Their Empty Nest

August 30th, 2007

As your kidults begin to pack up for college, does the thought of creating a more grown-up nest sound good? Can you visualize more simplicity and less chaos? Think about what it would be like to clean out the drawers, give away the memorabilia your kids don\’t want, get rid of all the stuff they\’re outgrown and make your home yours again. If you decide to make a change, it will be an ongoing process filled with both positive and negative emotions. This transition signifies the end of an important chapter in your life – the house full of family and activity, of growing children... Read More

Point of View: The Male Boomer and Long-term Relationships

August 30th, 2007

Both men and women are short changed when sweeping generalizations are applied to the male psyche. Men can not all be painted with broad strokes. Some comments from a poll we took may help build a more complex picture of the midlife male perspective, particularly concerning long-term relationships. Often it\’s a struggle for marital partners to maintain commitment to each other. However, many men recognize that the outcome is worth the effort. Henry talked about his secret to success. “We\’ve never lost our focus – we knew we had to work to stay together. It was the two of us... Read More

Conflict Resolution for Boomers and the Media Culture

May 17th, 2007

Have you noticed that, in our culture, slurs about gender, class, race and sex have become fairly commonplace and are often even seen as humorous by some? Howard Stern, Ann Coulter, Jesse Jackson and Bill O\’Reilly, to name a few well known pundits, have been busy playing the \’can you top this\’ game. And pop culture icon Sasha Baron Cohen, thanks to his edgy jokes in the movie Borat, won Hollywood\’s coveted Golden Globe award. Nevertheless, shock jock Don Imus crossed the line when he called the women of the Rutgers basketball team “nappy headed hos.” His... Read More

How to Love Your Kidults by Letting Go

May 17th, 2007

Are you a loving but hovering parent? Parents typically are raising fewer children today and have actively pursued an only-the-best policy from infancy on. So far, the twenty-something progeny of Helicopter parents have reaped the benefits from some of these advantages. Record numbers are attending college and the rate of teenage pregnancy is down. So what\’s the beef? The question is where the Sandwich Generation should draw the line: between support and intrusion, encouragement and control, cheering from the sidelines or meddling in the game? Here are some tips to start you thinking... Read More

How to Inventory Your Personal Assets for 2007

January 5th, 2007

Have you ever noticed how, at this time of year, there are lists and lists circulating? You can find a list of the 20 best films of 2006, the 10 worst dressed people, the 50 most interesting books. In addition to spending some of your spare time reading through these lists, how about taking some personal time to create your own list – of your 10 most important assets? It may seem unusual for you, a member of the Sandwich Generation, to concentrate on yourself instead of on the needs of the family around you, but allow yourself to focus on and embrace your own development at this pivotal time.... Read More

From Baby Boomer to Mother-in-Law: How to Play Your New Role

November 8th, 2006

Now that your son has popped the question, the congratulations from your friends include some advice about the wedding: “smile, shut up and wear beige.” But it doesn\’t have to be like this. You have the right stuff to rewrite the rules without becoming the Mother-in-Law from Hell. You came of age during the sexual revolution, juggled career and family, broke new ground for women, enjoyed the role of superwoman. So if you don\’t plan to walk on eggshells around your daughter-in-law for the rest of your life, these tips are for you: 1. Be sensitive to... Read More

How to Shift from Daddy\’s Girl to Dad\’s Caregiver

October 11th, 2006

Have you ever wondered how you can give back to your parents emotionally what they have given you? It was painful for Tricia, as her father declined in his 80\’s. “Dad and I shared such fun times together when I was young – he taught me how to ride a horse, shoot a BB gun, ice skate, stand on my head. He was always so active. Last year, I had to insist that he not drive anymore. Now, seeing him shuffle around just breaks my heart.” It\’s difficult to watch as your parents deteriorate. And they may complicate the situation by being in denial about their vulnerable condition.... Read More