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Articles by: Dotsie Bregel

Being Bold During a New Life Stage

Many baby boomers are finding themselves alone at midlife. Fifty-one percent of women in America are now single. Some of this is linked to divorce in the middle years. Being bold is often what’s needed after suffering through a divorce. Author Prill Boyle shared on a teleseminar with the National Association of Baby Boomer Women, […]

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Top Ten Tips to Avoid Boomeritis

Boomeritis is a term I learned several years ago while reading an article about baby boomers. Since our generation ushered in the exercise craze, it should have been no surprise to learn that boomers were getting arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and many other “itis” type conditions. According to www.medterms.com the proper definition is as follows: Boomeritis: […]

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Balancing New Choices at Mid-Life

What did I want to be when I grew up? I was asking myself the same question at 43 that my children were asking themselves as teenagers. I realized that I was slowly losing my job as caregiver. I have always poured myself into my family. I truly felt needed. As my children reached their […]

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It Doesn’t Matter

With three young adults and their raging hormones bouncing off the walls, it’s hard to believe we ever pleaded with God for a family. “Just one Lord, for starters. It’s been four years and we’re still not pregnant. We promise we’ll never miss church again.” Those days are gone! Matt, the number one son arrived […]

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Top Ten Topics to Consider with Boomerangs

The Boomerang Generation describes the generation of young adults born during the 70s and 80s. The term refers to the children of baby boomers who are finding it tough to make it on their own so they are landing back in their parents\’ empty nests. Some have begun or finished college. Others can\’t find jobs. […]

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Osteoporosis in Menopausal/Baby Boomer Women

According to reports from the National Osteoporosis Foundation, a projected 10 million individuals in the United States today are already estimated to have low bone mass, placing them at increased risk for osteoporosis – a condition that causes a loss of bone mass or density and increases a risk for fractures. The findings for women […]

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Sell Us Something. Please!

Baby boomer women are the healthiest, wealthiest and best educated generation of women to ever hit midlife. (Notice I said wealthiest.) We have money to spend and we\’re upset that hardly a soul is marketing to us. We make 80% of the purchasing decisions in the home. We\’re at the peak of our earning potential […]

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Still Dreaming at Midlife

When I was a little girl all I dreamed about was getting married and having kids. This wasn’t the “in thing” for a gal raised during the 60s and 70s. Mothers who felt trapped at home in loveless marriages and/or without careers told their daughters the world was their oyster. They inspired them to “do […]

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