Many Baby Boomers are finding themselves alone at Midlife. Fifty-one percent of women in America are now single. Some of this is linked to divorce in the middle years. Being bold is often what’s needed after suffering through a divorce. Author Prill Boyle shared on a teleseminar with the National Association of Baby Boomer Women,, that she and a friend have a pact to try one new bold activity a day. What an excellent practice. They hold one another accountable and are living lives beyond their dreams because they’re LIVING with intention and boldness.

Consider the following tips if you’re aching for a bit of newness in your life.

  • Pick up the phone and call a friend that you’ve been missing for years.
  • Try to forgive one person for past hurts.
  • Register for a class you’ve been dying to take.
  • Volunteer for a cause that’s near and dear to your heart.
  • Consider something you’ve been putting off due to the possibility of failure, and do it anyway.
  • Venture out to a new restaurant with a friend and try a new dish.
  • Write a note or send an email to a childhood friend.
  • Update your resume and file it just in case you feel the urge to make a professional change.
  • Think back to being a child and consider what your favorite pastime was, then do it. Flying a kite, walking through streams, or playing in the rain may make you feel like a kid again and rejuvenate your childlike spirit.
  • Practice Self-Care. You deserve it. Make a list of simple ways you can take better care of yourself. Possibilities abound – take a warm bath, sleep in one day on the weekend, get lost in a good book or movie, take a long walk or work out, enjoy your favorite dessert, spend time in prayer or meditation, de-stress with your favorite drink, or write a love letter to yourself as a reminder of all your positive qualities.
  • Whatever you do, be sure to take time each day and do something bold that will affirm the beginning of a new chapter in your life and help you feel like you’re Moving in the right direction.