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Seven Simple Steps to Stress -free Holidays

November 30th, 2009

Our thoughts are exceedingly powerful. Think about the human collective thoughts have that have created a holiday season that celebrates, in part, a humble man born in a barn who generously taught and gave to others for free. But, instead of following his call to simplicity, love, and inner harmony, his birthday and surrounding holidays have become a time of high expectations of ourselves and others. Often, even thoughts of “the holidays” generate a sense of gloom, anxiety, and personal stress. Clearly, we deserve to rethink ways of having meaningful end-of- year-holidays that neither strain... Read More

Stress-free Aging— Steps for Keeping Your Immune System Happy and Healthy

July 8th, 2009

Stress is cumulative. The longer we live, the more we may feel the burdens of many stressors—unless we find effective ways of releasing pressures and tensions from our bodies. The link between the build-up of stress and immune system function has been well-studied by science. Our body’s responses are the same whether the cause of distress is real or imagined. Whenever we are anxious and worried, the adrenal glands begin producing the harmful hormone cortisol which is linked to plaque formation causing constriction or occlusion of blood vessels. Other results of ongoing stress include muscle... Read More

It’s Boomer Energy Time!—Five Ways to Practice Presence in Critical Times

July 8th, 2009

These critical times can actually be the Baby Boomers’ finest hour. We are survivors of many life challenges such as career changes, job loss, personal or loved one’s illnesses and shattering events such as death of parents and relatives. More than that, we are learning to thrive in difficult times and discovering ways to share our inner wisdom with others. Staying centered and present in critical times is one of the Boomer’s greatest gifts. It brings us to the spiritual wisdom that allows our energy to flow from within to help others. We can be the caring presence for others in the center... Read More