Monday - September 25, 2023

Casino Spirituality

June 8th, 2009

Sunday in Reno at the Grand sierra I ventured through the crowds, flashing lights, noise and dim lights to the Grand Theatre to attend the Transform Your Life Conference with Marianne Williamson, Rabbi Shmuley and Dannion Brinkley. They talked about life, love and the hereafter. Marianne encouraged us to get off our butts and grow up and realize this is not a dress rehearsal. We\’re doing it and our ‘collective we’, have things to do and do now. Feeding all the children is paramount in her message. The Rabbi talked about sex. Yeah, he talked about sex and the dying of it. We have overexposed... Read More

How to Say NO and Still Be Liked

April 20th, 2009

Have you ever wondered “will you still like me if I say no?” How many times did you say yes when you really meant no, just to keep the peace? You are a good person and you can be counted on to say yes even when you mean NO!? Here\’s a radical thought for you, say YES to yourself. Here are ways to do this: Learn, notice and listen to your own inner guidance. Your body tells you when you are going against yourself. Signs come from your stomach growling, pain in your head or neck or a feeling of heaviness, are a few examples to recognize that you are going against your inner voice. Recognize... Read More