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Sunday in Reno at the Grand sierra I ventured through the crowds, flashing lights, noise and dim lights to the Grand Theatre to attend the Transform Your Life Conference with Marianne Williamson, Rabbi Shmuley and Dannion Brinkley. They talked about life, love and the hereafter.

Marianne encouraged us to get off our butts and grow up and realize this is not a dress rehearsal. We\’re doing it and our ‘collective we’, have things to do and do now. Feeding all the children is paramount in her message.

The Rabbi talked about sex. Yeah, he talked about sex and the dying of it. We have overexposed ourselves and marriages and relationships are suffering from not being ‘enoughism’. Our collective self esteem is hurting. The richest nation has self esteem issues because we aren\’t successful enough or pretty enough and then it gets worse. You can make a list of what is wrong with us. You can start making it right again too by looking within and noticing how precious you are. Anyone that works daily and keeps at it should be considered a hero.

Dannion has died three times and been on the other side and seen that which only you only get to see when you die. He says, \’you don\’t die\’, ever. You meet yourself and review what you did to everyone else from their perspective, as if you were them. Whoa, that makes me want to do better now. It does matter what we do and what we don’t quite get around to doing.

You are greeted by your loved ones and then one wonders what you were thinking when you chose or were chosen to be in this human body.

The point of this conference was to WAKE UP spiritually. I received this affirmation for the teaching that I offer. I talk a lot about trusting your feelings and trusting your inner voice and guess what, it’s my job. I’m a cheerleader for the self. How cool is that? I came to do what I love doing. I’m in the right job. You can be too. If you don’t know how, I’ll help you find out.

We are here to realize that we are doing what we came to do and to be nicer and more loving to:

1. Yourself. Stop the negative self talk and accept you are a brave chosen beautiful being that was made perfectly to be here and have joy in this human (hands of God, DB) experience.

2. I like the way he said human= hands of God. Maybe you believe and maybe you have another name for All That is. It’s ok. The Creator is all the same and loves our imagination.

3. Love is the most important feeling. Express it, say it, tell people, SHOW it, BE LOVE.

4. We are created in perfection. We are more than our job, bank account, possessions. Find joy in what you do and the rest will follow. If you are poor and have joy it\’s good. If you are overweight and have joy, it\’s good. If you are rich and have joy, it’s good. Be grateful and write it down to remind yourself when you forget. Practice enjoying yourself. Do something you love everyday. Love what you are doing because you can. Love finishing it and doing something you think you really love.

5. I really believe when one accepts them self exactly as they are, joy follows and life lines up to support the spirit and the experiences we have as humans. We can have fun!

6. Speak up, volunteer and help out. The giving brings so much love into life that the giver actually ends up receiving more from the time given. Paying it forward.

7. If you love your freedom, thank a veteran, he/she gave their heart and soul to give us a country that is free. There are thousands of veterans dying alone, forgotten by us.

8. The Twilight Brigade is hospice for veterans, a volunteer organization to help veterans in transition to the beyond. Training will be here in San Luis Obispo in August. Contact me if you are interested.

9. Be the change you wish to see. Gandhi

I almost forgot to tell you. The casino employees were asking what we were doing in there. They could feel the place was lighter, the energy higher than usual and they wanted to know about it. We were happy and we weren\’t drinking. We were glowing with good loving warm feelings. We are the change when we share our light and love.
Beautiful Blessings, MaryAine

MaryAine Cherry, Inner Transformation Self Development Guide helping people release limitations, inspire them to reach for their goals and believe it’s possible. www.return2joy.com maryaine@return2joy.com

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