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Humor is Serious Business for Boomers

July 30th, 2009

Most people know that humor and laughter are beneficial for relieving stress. In fact, research supports laughter as a tool for lowering blood pressure, boosting immune function, releasing endorphins, which are the body\’s natural painkillers, and producing a general feeling of overall well-being. Experts say that as you grow older, your view of the world becomes altered and your perspective on things changes. This means that what you found funny when you were younger, may no longer apply today. Laughter and a sense of humor are natural resources, easily attainable and free. What people... Read More

Distress-Free Aging: A Boomer\’s Guide to Creating a Fulfilled and Purposeful Life

February 21st, 2008

There are 78 million baby boomers in America today that are facing their upcoming retirement and other reminders of growing older. However, this group has already proven themselves to be different than previous generations by being more active, healthier and living more productive lifestyles. The chance to pursue life- long interests and other activities, once constrained by commitments from work and family, is a welcome blessing now. The general premise is, if you want to do something, go for it. In fact, a study done by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, in June 2006,... Read More