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Speed Demon Meets Mr. Slow Ride

When I was dating my husband – all starry-eyed and flushed with relief that it was possible for an over-age-fifty woman to find love again – our driving styles were the last thing on my mind. As time has gone by, the adrenaline rush of new-marriage, new-season-of-life has worn off, and the less visible irks […]

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After 40, It\’s All Maintenance

Recently during Pilates class, my teacher sent me to the wall for a set of standing push-ups. “Place your hands on the wall at breast level,” she instructed. I placed my hands on the wall at breast level. I saw that my hands were headed for the Gulf of Mexico. “How did this happen?” I […]

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Humor is Serious Business for Boomers

Most people know that humor and laughter are beneficial for relieving stress. In fact, research supports laughter as a tool for lowering blood pressure, boosting immune function, releasing endorphins, which are the body\’s natural painkillers, and producing a general feeling of overall well-being. Experts say that as you grow older, your view of the world […]

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