Discouraged in Your Job Search?  Kick Your Inner Gremlin to the Curb.

By Dumont Gerkin Owen Ph.D.
NABBW’s Women & Work Expert

What is a Gremlin?  He or she is the one that whispers negative messages in your ear:  “You’re too old, your skills are out of date, why would anyone hire you, you’ll never find a job?  Old dogs can’t learn new tricks.  Employers only want direct experience in the position or industry and don’t recognize the value of transferable skills.

When does it appear?  Usually at the worst time possible.  You’ve just been laid off, fired or resigned.  You’ve been out of work far longer than you ever anticipated.  Your retirement savings are shrinking and you’re worried about your future financial state.

How your gremlin manifests itself:  The gremlin’s role is to discourage you during your job search, career transitions and career success.  Some signs that your gremlin is at work are:  Free floating anxiety, depression, anger and resentment, self-isolation, substance abuse, and hopelessness.

The role of faith:  The gremlin can reduce your faith in yourself. Many individuals find relief from turning their worries over to their Higher Power.   As an example, I write down every worry I have and put it jar that I turn over to my higher power each day.  (This works for me, but is not intended as clinical advice.)

The Gremlin is a great de-motivator.  Counter it by surrounding yourself with a support network (people who are really and consistently in your corner), self-affirmations, or other stress-relief methods such as Emotional Freedom Techniques.

The gremlin can bring your job search to a screeching stop.  Kick that little devil to the curb!  Turn to stress relief techniques, your higher power or build a support network.  Remember, When the gremlin is in control, you’re not.

A Certified Career Management Coach, Dumont\’s mission is to inspire experienced professionals to realize their unique passions and qualifications, and provide them with strength, resources, and strategies to achieve their job search or career transition.

She has a background in recruiting and directing university career centers spanning over 20 years. As with many of her clients, however, she came to a point where the career she had worked so hard to build wasn\’t working for her anymore. It was one of those “aha” moments! Dumont realized that her true passion was using my expertise to help others. That\’s why she started coaching… to assist others in living their true passion!

Learn more about Dumont on her website, Career Windows Online, or contact her directly via email, Twitter or phone: (216) 321-1268. Dumont lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.Visit her website and blog to download a free copy of “Five Secrets to Job Search Success” and receive juicy career tips and free offers.

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