Park Once, Gain Immeasurably

By Lisa Byrne, B.S Exercise Sciences | Certified Pilates Instructor
NABBW’s Boomer Women’s Fitness Expert


Lisa Byrne new One Stop Shopping.

Do you have in your nearby town one of these grand shopping centers/complexes that offer ‘one stop shopping’? It’s like a self-contained outlet that can provide everything you need.

Seems obvious the idea is to provide an efficient convenience for you as a shopper. Of  course the idea is also to sell more products if it’s all in one place.

Simple shopping centers of old with a supermarket, drugstore, dry cleaners, and a bank have evolved into these monstrous shopping multiplexes. And lots of stores with gaps between them so big it seems like a couple planes could land in the space. Pretty huge huh?

Okay, that’s where you come in and the idea I have for you today.

Understandably so you’re on a mission when you go, say, food shopping.

Maybe in that trip you need to pick up a quick gift at the wine store. And perhaps go to the bank.

So, IF the time affords you, think about parking once and then doing all those errands.

Let me explain.

Yesterday at my nearby multiplex shopping center I needed to make a bank deposit, run into Staples, and get five items at the food store.

I secured my parking spot way in the back of the food store lot and then plotted the course.

Bank first, Staples next, stop back at car to get re-usable bags and onward to food store.

Sure it was a bunch of walking.

If I was wearing my pedometer+  I’d say I logged about 700 steps. (Remember, a mile is about 2,000 steps, so that’s over 1/4 mile).

I added 700 steps to my day merely by inconveniencing myself.

Park Once and plot your course from there.

It’s really not an inconvenience if you have the time. It’s about saving gas, saving the frustration of finding another parking spot, and challenging your brain to plot. It’s highly functional, with fresh air for your lungs and mind.

It’s doing yourself a whole lotta good by logging good moves for your body!

Try it next time you visit your nearest gargantuan, colossal, whopping multiplex!

Lisa Byrne is the owner and chief creative officer at Pilates for Sport, LLC in Bucks County, Pa. She has her B.S in Exercise Physiology and is a Certified Pilates Instructor. Lisa has operated her fully equipped Pilates studio since 1999 and has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for 23 years. The studio space is home to private sessions, small group training, and the outdoor circuit buffet, sure to get anyone grooving. Visitors to the movement studio span the range and include average Boomers looking for diversity; young people with Asperger’s-Autism; hard core athletes looking to ‘loosen up’; and those in need of chronic pain management through movement. Learn more about Lisa on her site, Move More Today.