Do we love short shorts?
Or is the discussion about something more important than the-long-or-the-short of it?…..

What\’s it all about when we discuss Michelle Obama\’s wearing short shorts and their appropriateness? The Huffington Post had thousands of votes and opinions on it. WOW!
Here\’s my two cents worth. First–I have to sympathize with any celebrity who gets to be the focus of constant attention (but it\’s part of the deal in exchange for the obvious upside). Every time I see a tabloid make the most of a private vacation frolic by the sea to expose cellulite –I cringe.
But Ms Obama undoubtedly knew that this choice would be scrutinized as she stepped out of the limo in AZ (where temps are high, “but no humidity!”-sigh!)… I believe she is part of a younger–way less conservative demographic than any of her predecessors. She is less self-conscious and seems to have much self-confidence.
However there\’s a part of me (the “stylist? the wishful thinker?) that would\’ve loved to see her give a bit of style and propriety to her look –and be equally comfortable in the process. Had she sought my advice (definitely the “wishful”) I would have advised wearing white “city shorts” (long shorts close to the thigh that flatter 99% of women) as an alternate. A solid Lacoste short-sleeved polo (or RL version) in any color would have given her a comfortable, refined look.
My point? I long to see some modernized ageless propriety infused into today\’s style norms. Michelle has the unique opportunity to raise the bar for casual style. She has a terrific opportunity to do for it what she did for JCrew ( Yes, a firm I\’ve endorsed many years prior to doubting boomer minds).

I wish she\’d grab it!