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Dealing With Grief During the Holiday Season

November 24th, 2013

Dealing With Grief During the Holiday Season  By Chloe JonPaul, M. Ed. As the holiday season approaches, there are many persons dreading the very thought of it.  This may be due to the recent loss of a loved one, divorce, serious illness, family friction, diminished finances, and much more.  Whatever the reason, now is the time to become proactive in dealing with your grief.  There are effective tools to help you wage your battle with grief or help someone you know who is facing this dilemma. The first order of business is to “remember the reason for the season.”  At Thanksgiving we have... Read More

Celebrating the Holidays Alone

December 8th, 2011

Celebrating the Holidays Alone By Phyllis Goldberg, Ph.D. and Rosemary Lichtman, Ph.D. Are you alone and wondering how you\’ll be celebrating the holidays this year? Whether you\’re divorced or widowed, a single parent or the spouse of a deployed serviceperson, it most likely seemed easier when you had a partner to share in the planning. But now that you\’ll be the one creating the holiday mood, take advantage of the freedom you have to develop customs that are just right for you. 1. Recognize that it won\’t be easy. Perhaps you\’re feeling more vulnerable and out... Read More

The New Normal after Separation

September 2nd, 2011

The New Normal after Separation By Phyllis Goldberg, Ph.D. and Rosemary Lichtman, Ph.D. Do you want to know an unexpected finding from the Framingham Heart Study, a research project that has been conducted over six decades? Happiness is contagious and the secret may very well be in the connection. Social relationships correlate positively with happiness. That is, if your friend is happy, that increases your probability by 15%. If you\’ve recently separated from your partner, this can be a lonely time for you. Although your marriage may be over, your relationship with your children, family... Read More

Stressed Out Women, Here’s Your Sign

February 12th, 2011

Stressed Out Women, Here’s Your Sign By Leigh Anne Jasheway NABBW’s Boomer Humor Expert Sometimes it seems that “stressed-out” is a synonym for “female.” The inability to take a deep breath or live in the moment because we’re too busy rushing into the next one causes physical, mental, and emotional problems, but for some reason many women take pride in the fact that they never have time to relax. I’m surprised there’s not a Girl Scout badge for “Multi-tasking” by now. There are sure signs that you’ve let too much stress in the front door. For example, if your inner... Read More