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Linda Ballou Shares Her Best Tips for Enjoying a Successful Walking Holiday – And Why She Calls Them a “Boomer Balancing Act”

December 8th, 2023

By Linda Ballou, NABBW’s Adventure Travel Associate Mobility issues are a problem for many Boomers. I am no exception, so I have investigated ways of ensuring that I don’t take a fall that puts me out of commission.  If you, like me, find you need to be in nature and feel the cooling breeze caressing your skin while you walk, take heart. Don’t let a mobility issue stop you from doing what you need to feel happy and content. I had to acknowledge that I can’t do what I used to do in the same way. I would like to share some of the things that will help you keep moving, and in shape for a... Read More

The Ageless Traveler: What’s On Your Second Bucket List?

April 22nd, 2023

By Adriane Berg, NABBW’s Associate for Successful Aging I am sitting in the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asuncion, Paraguay, having a transformational moment. After having visited 90 countries, all 50 states and almost all of the major US national parks — many of these places more than once (London 22 times!) — I am tearing up my Bucket List. This is a big deal. I made my first bucket list at age six when I saw the Disney Jungle River Cruise on TV. As I recall, it went down seven rivers in 20 minutes and ended in a visit with Trader Sam, who sold shrunken heads.... Read More

Solutions for Solo Travelers

February 10th, 2014

Solutions for Solo Travelers by Linda Ballou NABBW’s Adventure Travel Associate   Boomer women make up the largest segment of the travel population. Freed from the ties of family responsibilities, and with a little extra money in their jeans, they want to explore. Often they have husbands who are not interested in travel, or they can’t round up a friend who shares their wanderlust. Yet, this segment of the population often feels intimated by the idea of traveling alone. Women worry about their safety for good reasons. What is more, society penalizes the solo traveler with the dreaded... Read More