1. Stress-Free Airport Hacks: How Pheonix's Sky Harbor Airport is Making Lifelong Travel Easy Adriane Berg 22:31

In this captivating episode, host Adriane Berg invites a duo from Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport to discuss how to combat the common stressors of navigating airports. Focusing on how airports can be more than just transport hubs but can embody a place of leisure and enjoyment, the conversation unfolds with engaging insights from the specialists on board.

Misty Cisneros Contreras elucidates the groundbreaking Navigator program, which enlists volunteers to aid travelers and transforms Sky Harbor into an icon of stress-free experiences. The initiative leverages the diverse expertise of individuals, many of whom are retirees from various professions, to bring creative solutions and warmth to the traveler's journey. 

Jan Dougherty, a volunteer in the program, brings a unique perspective as a nurse familiar with the nuances of dementia, sharing personal tales that highlight the impact of these human connections on travel experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sky Harbor Airport has implemented the Navigator volunteer program to ease the navigation process within the airport, creating a friendlier and more efficient travel experience.
  • Volunteers come from diverse professional backgrounds, bringing unique insights and help to passengers while serving as the friendly faces of the airport.
  • Travelers are encouraged to utilize airport resources such as booking a time for security checkpoints and monitoring wait times to reduce stress.
  • Jan Dougherty brings a Healthcare perspective into her role, emphasizing the importance of customer Self-Care and airport familiarity to lessen anxiety, particularly for those traveling with dementia.
  • Sky Harbor provides various amenities and programs for travelers, including art exhibits, play areas, quiet spaces, and even a walking trail to promote a pleasurable airport experience.


Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix Official Site-https://www.skyharbor.com/

Airport Foundation Volunteer Program- https://airportfoundation.org/about-us/volunteer-programs/

TSA Cares https://www.tsa.gov/travel/tsa-cares 

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