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The Ageless Traveler

Adriane Berg ( From Independent Podcaster)

The Ageless Traveler is a podcast dedicated to celebrating the adventurous spirit of active adults. Join veteran radio and TV host, Emmy  Winner, and seasoned traveler, Adriane Berg, as she takes you on a journey around the world. From hidden gems and cultural experiences to healthy travel tips and discounts, The Ageless Traveler is your passport to life satisfaction through travel.Our host, Adriane Berg, has traveled to 110 countries and brings you the best tripsand experiences as she takes you to exotic places, culinary adventures, and dream locations.Here are just a few of the topics we cover on the Ageless Traveler–Travel safety with adventure for Lifelong Learning –How to meet new travel companions when friends no longer travel. –How couples can travel together if one of you has a mobility or other physical issue. –How to have the means to travel even on a tight budget or fixed income…even make money while you travel! –Longevity and wellness travel to get and stay healthy. –The know-how and courage to visit remote and exotic places.–Best trips to Find your roots, renew marriage vows, and bring your skills to those who need you most. –A chance to live out your dreams: to be an archaeologist, chef, writer, artist, or musician; whatever! –AND listeners can travel with us. Here’s how we bring added value to travelers on all of our trips.At our Pre-trip Zoom Meetings, we get acquainted with each other. Our Ageless Traveler Fitness Coach demonstrates how to exercise without equipment. We provide a Culture Vulture Review of current museum exhibitions: festivals, theatre, and art.During the tour, we offer presentations on Ageless Living, Voluntourism, travel memoir writing, travel blogging, second homes abroad, and starting a business. At our Post-trip Zoom Meetings, we share memories and reviews. And our Wellness Coach will get us back to normal, advising on fitness and nutrition.Spa and Beauty-On trips that visit hot springs or offer spa treatments, Peter Anderson, our world-renowned spa consultant, will hold a pre-trip meeting so you get the most out of the experience.The Ageless Traveler is more than a podcast. It is a movement for contributory living, and expanded life purpose:Ariane Berg, host of the Ageless Traveler podcast,  works with the United Nations as Representative from The International Federation On Ageing and Host of On The Ground, the Podcast of the UN’s Global NGO Executive Committee. Adriane has created the Ageless Ambassador Program with opportunities for local, national, and international involvement to fight ageism, campaign for a treaty On The Human Rights Of Older Persons and help at-risk children. Our listeners are empowered to influence and change the narrative around aging, using their skills, energy, and compassion. The Ageless Ambassador Program includes volunteer travel, classes on selecting and championing a cause, campaigning for change in public policy, and free access to mentors and training in the world of advocacy and mission development.

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Adriane Berg is the host of The Ageless Traveler podcast. She is a travel addict who has been to 110 countries and is passionate about helping others overcome barriers to travel. Adriane is also a...

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