1. How to Volunteer: Tips on Finding Life Purpose Adriane Berg 20:44

In this episode, we are introduced to Barry Kluger, a Sky Harbor International Airport volunteer and former Senior VP of the renowned MTV Networks. Barry Kluger is a former senior vice president of MTV Networks, which includes well-known entities like Nickelodeon and MTV. After a distinguished career in the media industry, Kluger transitioned to volunteer work and is now actively involved with the Sky Harbor Navigator program. He brings his extensive public relations background and passion for helping others to assist at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport.

His transition from a fulfilling career to a dedicated volunteer is a journey that resonates with many seeking meaningful post-Retirement engagement. Throughout the discussion, Kluger shares insights into the Navigator program at Sky Harbor, emphasizing the rewards of volunteer work and the importance of finding a role that aligns with one's passions and skills.

  • “What I have enjoyed most are the heartwarming stories that have come out of this.” Barry Kluger

The narrative weaves through how Kluger leverages his public relations acumen to alleviate traveler stress and impart warm, reassuring guidance amidst the chaos of airport travel. Highlighting how personal experiences can beautifully inform volunteering efforts, Barry recounts a poignant interaction with a grieving widow and sheds light on the intrinsic value of compassion in service. The episode also touches upon the nuances of dealing with flight delays and the critical capacity of volunteers to diffuse tension and ameliorate passenger experiences.

  • Kluger's transition from MTV Networks to volunteering at Sky Harbor.
  • The spectrum of volunteer backgrounds and the universal need for passion.
  • Strategies for navigating stress and providing practical assistance.
  • Finding fulfillment in helping others through airport navigation.
  • Pursuing and promoting the “Navigator” volunteer program in local airports.

Key Takeaways:

  • Barry Kluger represents the successful transition from a high-profile media career to impactful volunteer work.
  • The Sky Harbor Navigator program offers a unique opportunity to interact with travelers and make a difference.
  • Personal experiences, such as dealing with loss, can enhance the empathy and effectiveness of volunteers in assisting others.
  • Finding the right volunteering opportunity is crucial, as mismatches can lead to volunteer dropout.
  • Volunteers must retain their skills and passion to provide the best assistance possible.



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