Suddenly Young Again
Tuesday, June 23, 2009
3:00 p.m. EST
Virginia Ellen

Suddenly Young Again, with Virginia Ellen, a modern day mystic. Join us as Virginia works with the mind and emotions. This call will expand the audience to think outside their previous consciousness. (Outside the box you might say). How one can think and grow younger, feel and grow younger. She\’ll help our listeners expand their minds to the possibilities of physical rejuvenation and regeneration, and learn how the energy and emotion of love can change the very cells in their bodies. As always, a Q&A will follow at the end.

Callers will get excited about the possibilities and potential of human beings to rejuvenate and regenerate their physical body; they will learn the language of rejuvenation.

Here are just a few items that participants can expect to learn:

  • The Science of Rejuvenation and how the pituitary and pineal glands work together to cause the cells to vibrate at a frequency that allows them to rejuvenate and regenerate.
  • To expand their mind to the possibilities of physical rejuvenation and regeneration.
  • How the energy and emotion of Love can change the very cells of their body.
  • How the inner Judge and Critic impede the rejuvenation process.
  • What Self Love is.
  • How to use the lost Science of Prayer to rejuvenate the cells or your body.

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Seminar Time:3:00 PM (EST)
NABBW Contributing Author