Steal This Style!
Thursday, September 24, 2009
3:00 p.m. EST
Sherrie Mathieson

Join us for our September 2009 teleseminar, Steal This Style with guest Sherrie Mathieson, a costume designer for film and TV for 28 years, and who has “costumed” celebrity clients such as Susan Sarandon, Brooke Shields, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Lee Iacocca; just to name a few, who will guide us through the maze of the Fashion world, and offer tips and advice on how women can be natural and feminine, yet avoid certain fashion traps. Sherrie is the author of Forever Cool, and her new release, STEAL THIS STYLE: Moms and Daughters Swap Wardrobe Secret. As always, a Q&A will follow at the end.

Our listeners will get excited to hear all of the possibilities of getting value for their clothing purchases, where to shop, and what\’s ‘hot,\’ and what\’s ‘not,\’ plus the styles and accessories real mothers of all backgrounds and sizes, and their grown daughters, should and shouldn\’t share.

Here are just a few discussion topics for the call:

  • In the current economy, with people scaling back on spending, where should women invest their money when it comes to clothing?
  • Your style philosophy is about bridging timeless, core pieces with items and accessories that are “in” right now. What are a few simple ways people can combine classic with modern looks?
  • What are the five most common mistakes moms make when it comes to their wardrobes and what remedies can they borrow from their grown daughters?
  • What retailers do you think offer the best value for the Boomer population?
  • What do you mean by a “style inheritance”?

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Seminar Time:3:00 PM (EST)
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