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Over Fifty and Feeling Invisible?

Over Fifty and Feeling Invisible?

Worksheet for NABBW Teleseminar “Blooming in the Second Half of Life” with Guests Kathleen Vestal Logan and E.L. (Betsy) Smith, Ph.D. authors of “Second Blooming for Women: Growing a Life That Matters After Fifty”

Your presenters, Kathleen Logan and Betsy Smith.

Ten Steps for Becoming Vibrantly Visible

Since you have chosen to participate in this teleseminar, you have either lived through the events of the 1960s and 1970s that changed women’s lives forever, or are experiencing the effects. The landscape in which we were planted as girls or young women no longer exists. The entire environment changed in one generation—ours—giving us the unprecedented opportunity to create and live a “second life” or Second Blooming.

During this teleseminar, you’ll answer the questions:

What events can precipitate a Second Blooming? (death of spouse, divorce, laid off, Retirement, seeking life change)

Why might we see this stage of life as Women\’s Lib Part II?

What were history\’s six “seeds of change” leading to the opportunity for us to experience a Second Blooming?

What are four reasons to be excited about life in the decades after fifty?

What are some examples of “good losses” that enhance our Second Blooming?

Just what is the “new reality” for women over fifty?

How can we face life after fifty with anticipation instead of fear?

What are three ways to focus on our own needs after a lifetime of caring for others?

What are the ten steps for blooming abundantly after fifty?  (For a free summary, go to http://www.secondbloomingforwomen.com and click on NABBW Teleseminar Free Gift.)

Why is it so important for older women to be visible as they pursue living a life that matters?

“I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming. Suddenly you find—at the age of fifty, say—that a whole new life has opened before you.”  – Agatha Christie

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