Living Single at Midlife
Tuesday, February 9, 2010
3:00 p.m. EST

Jane Scandurra ,
Co-Director and Co-Producer of documentary,

Jane is a seasoned marketing professional with over 25 years experience. A “corporate marketing chick” turned documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur, she\’s held various global marketing management roles at industry leading companies including IBM, Nokia, Prodigy, Bristol-Myers, and BBDO.

Jane is co-producer/co-director of the feature documentary film “Single” ( about the growth of the unmarried population and the challenges of finding a lasting relationship in today\’s crazy world. A recent “Pick of the Week,” the film is currently available on DVD and digital download through popular online retailers including,, and NetFlix as well as via video on demand through Verizon FIOS and other national and regional cable operators. Jane\’s passion for social networking has made her a frequent radio and TV talk show guest, including a national appearance on Fox TV last fall. Her insights on how to enjoy living single will be part of a feature article in the March issue of More magazine.

Jane\’s day job is providing strategic planning / program management services for Fortune 500 companies, marketing agencies, and non-profit organizations. She is also a professionally trained personal coach and avid public speaker, offering training and consulting services on personal branding and social networking for organizations and individuals.

Here is a sample of what Jane will discuss during this teleseminar:

  • Despite popular belief, a “happy single woman” is not an oxymoron.
  • The playing field is leveling off. Men still seem to want to date younger women, but now two can play that game. A growing number of younger guys are dating older women – in a big way. But I\’m still not convinced that this trend will stick in long term relationships.
  • If the guy you\’re dating thinks your body isn\’t perfect, change the guy, not your body. (note on this: I\’m 115 lbs and my boyfriend insisted that I get liposuction – not surprisingly, he became an ex-boyfriend)
  • “Recycling” is good for more than just the environment — Looking up that old flame from high school or college that you haven\’t seen in 30 years….can be a pleasantly surprise.
  • “CYA” now stands for “cover your ASSets.” In midlife, we have a lot more to lose, so we are being more cautious than ever in our partner selection. A large percentage of marriages break up over finance issues. Once in mid-life, many marriages don\’t ever take place because of it.
  • Casual hook ups – it may be a lot easier and less stressful in mid-life, but is it really satisfying?? If the ultimate goal is to find a meaningful relationship, is hooking up with Mr. Right Now a pleasant distraction that\’s preventing us from seeing Mr. Right?
  • Online dating – yes, the market is huge and growing for the over 45 crowd. I\’ve been on and off over the years. I\’ve met some interesting men, but it\’s always the same string of similar disappointments that makes me say, “never again.”
  • Most important perhaps….”You are what you think” seems to become more evident in mid-life. Don\’t ever think it\’s too late to fall in love. Again. Believe it.

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Seminar Time:3:00 pm
NABBW Contributing Author