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Time to Write

Author: Kelly Stone

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

“No excuses. No distractions. No more blank pages.”—-such is the premise for Kelly Stone\’s no-nonsense guide for finding time to write. Who better to instruct on when to write, the art and logistics of getting your written work published—on finding your voice and unleashing it in print—than those who have successfully done so. Freelance writers, bestselling and award-winning authors, columnists and journalists impart the tactics they\’ve employed to achieve writing goals.
Time to Write encourages the reader (and writer) to map out his/her own route to success with the tools provided. Stone shows how to navigate detours and travel back to productivity. The obstacles the writer encounters may seem overwhelming at times but there are solutions. Subversive issues like a lack of creativity and workable writing schedules are confronted head-on with listed strategies and suggestions.
Yes, it may be that the formula for success looks different from writer to writer, artist to artist, but that is okay. I like that Time to Write boldly names the issues that often times writers have difficulty acknowledging, believing that unless their writing moves effortlessly and smoothly onto the paper without interruption that the piece wasn\’t meant to be. Stone combines realism with creativity, practicality with vision: a concoction of inspiration and skill sure to empower the aspiring author.

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