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Fearless Confessions – A Writer\’s Guide to Memoir

Author: Sue William Silverman

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

In Fearless Confessions, a Writer\’s Guide to Memoir, author Sue William Silverman offers the reader a clearly marked path into the world of memoir writing. Chapter by chapter the author breaks down the preconceived notion that writing one\’s memoir is too complex, difficult, and in some cases, too controversial.

Carving away at the normal excuses one might give, Silverman guides the writer with detailed explanations of the methods needed to begin your “slice of life,” essays, followed with multiple examples for each method, and then end of the chapter exercises that I found invaluable. Do not skip these exercises! Once completed, you\’ll have a clearer understanding of the entire process, plus a window into your own soul.

Fearless Confessions is a very deserving title. Readers will learn how to cast off the fear of revealing hidden pasts, and will ultimately agree that what others may feel cannot and must not hold their story hostage. From finding the authenticity in their writing voice to using all of their senses—smell, taste, touch, sound, sight— to breathe life into their memoir, Silverman walks side by side with the reader enabling them to unlock and share their significant experiences with the world.

I was amazed at the vast array of knowledge and guidance contained in this book. Follow the roadmaps offered in Fearless Confessions and you will surely uncover your authentic literary voice. The reward will be your own story told with conviction, honesty, and purpose.

NABBW Contributing Author

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