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Too Young to Be This Old: Mature Anthology

Too Young to Be This Old: Mature Anthology
Barnes & Noble
Author:  Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis
Reviewed by:  Anne Holmes for the NABBW

McGinnis Too Young This is a great read anytime, but especially wonderful for summer beach reading, or if you’re a person who likes to have a book with you at all times – something to pick up when you’ve only got at few minutes to read.  Such as during a commute to work, on a boat or plane, in the doctor’s waiting room, etc.

The stories are fun and easy to read, but light enough that you won’t lose track of all that’s going on if you should happen to be be interrupted. Beyond that, they’re good enough that you’ll want to get back to them as soon as you can.

Best of all, these stories are written for us “women of a certain age.” In other words, the protagonists each of these stories  – Susan, Ginger, Fiona and Monica – were not born yesterday. They’re women like us: Baby Boomer women, women who have lived a bit but are by no means ready to retire from life and spend the rest of their days in a rocking chair.

McGinnis gives you four stories in this anthology.  And sort of like a wonderful dessert, when you’ve finished it, you’ll be satisfied, but  you’ll wish there was more…

Happily, NABBW earlier published another of her stories, That Ain’t The Floorboards Creakin’ (And Other Signs of Maturity), and Sheryl is still writing more. Meanwhile, here’s a bit about what you’ll find in this book:

Susan is an intelligent single woman who falls in love with a younger man…again. Didn\’t she learn anything from her previous failed relationship?

Fifty years ago, Ginger\’s heart was torn to shreds by a high school crush. Now, she has the opportunity to face the man who left her scrambling for a prom date. One day they were madly in love, then the next day, Sonny skipped town with a spoiled cheerleader.

Fiona is married, but feels she\’s too old for anything. To help her deal with her depression, her best friend enters her in a Dolly Parton look-alike contest.

Monica will never forget the love of her life. Although she moved on, her heart was still firmly attached to Daniel. Funeral services for his brother-in-law bring the couple face to face once again. Does Daniel still care?

NABBW Contributing Author

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