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The One Command

The One Command

Author: Asara Lovejoy
Website: http://theonecommand.commandingwealth.com/ebookoffer/
Reviewed by: Anne Holmes for the NABBW

Most of us have experimented with the Law of Attraction.

We\’ve focused on our goals. We\’ve visualized. We\’ve meditated.

We\’ve watched \’The Secret\’ again. We\’ve placed our orders with the

We\’ve waited. And waited. And we just didn\’t get the results we
were promised.

Sound familiar?

These days, \’manifestation\’ and the \’Law of Attraction\’ are turning
into cheap, overused buzz words in the world of self-improvement.

And that\’s a shame, because the Law of Attraction can be an
incredibly POWERFUL force for change in your life. You just need to

The One Command is the Law of Attraction on speed and picks up where The Secret leaves off. You learn to Operate in Theta,” which means accessing your theta brain waves. It sounds a bit mystical, but Lovejoy promises that once you know how to do this step you\’re able to  remove old limiting beliefs, reverse your negative cash flow, activate your Wealth DNA, and learn to be rich and at peace with yourself in the world.

NABBW Contributing Author

the one command

NABBW Contributing Author

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