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The Girl Who Did Not Like Her Name

The Girl Who Did Not Like Her Name
By Chloe JonPaul
Reviewed for the NABBW by Anne Holmes

Girl Did Not Like NameHow many of us lived through a time when we didn’t like our names? I know I did. And so did many people I know, including my daughter, for whom we thought we had selected a lovely appellation: “Jennifer Zoe.”  

She, too, didn’t care for her name, and throughout her grade school years she kept modifying it: Jennifer, Jenny, Jen…

We teased her that the only thing left was to call herself “Je,” or simply “J.”

Author Chloe JonPaul knows all about these naming woes, having spent 35 years teaching every grade except kindergarten.  

That is why she wrote this, her first children’s book, to help the many children of the world who also do not like their names.  

Young readers will enjoy getting to know Alessandra Teresa Petrucci  and hearing of her own nominal difficulties:

  • Her name is so long she can’t print it on one line,
  • It\’s so different from the other kids,
  • It’s hard to pronounce,
  • Doesn’t lend itself to a nickname,  and
  • No knows how to spell it

JonPaul’s  41-page book includes full-page, 4-color illustrations by Danuta Zamojska Hutchins on every other page.  

Other fun features are an entertaining list of silly-sounding but real girl’s names and recipes for two Italian favorites that Alessandra learns to make with her grandmother: Potato Gnocchi and Italian Pizzelle Cookies.  

The book is presented in storybook style, and intended for kids ten and up.  But younger kids experiencing angst over their names will also enjoy having it read to them.

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