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Rainbows Over Ruins

Author: Susan Sherayko, Foreword by Noah St. John
Reviewed for the NABBW by Anne Holmes

This book opens with an arresting personal crisis: Author Sherayko writes of how she came home from work one evening to discover more than a mere catastrophe. What she found when she turned the key in the door of her beloved 1930s era Los Angles home – a home which was literally built into a mountain – was a literally life altering event.

Her three dogs greeted her, tails wagging, and surrounded by mud, as more mud literally drooled down the stairs while water dripped from the ceiling.  She ran up the stairs to discover that due to recent rains, a wall of dirt and stone had pushed through the home’s  upstairs windows, across the hall and into the bathroom, where six inches of water covered the floor.

As one might imagine, the landslide was life-altering. Not only did she and her husband Peter lose their home, but much of their belongings were impacted, including the stuff of Peter’s home-based husband’s business, Caravan West, which rents authentic props such as saddles, camp gear, baskets, blankets, tipis and all other manner of Western lifestyle gear to Western movie producers.

But this book is not so much about the Sherayko’s physical losses as it is an inner travelogue. Susan shares what happened next.  She shares the story of how they were able to find a way to move on with their lives.  And it is the mind body and spirit experiences she shares, that will help you open your mind and provide tools you can use to live the creative process.

This book is about the process of becoming. It’s about how you can learn to use what does not yet exist in order to create a better reality. In it you can expect to  learn how to: accept where you are even as you envision an improved future; use your current feelings to experience the essence of what you are creating; become your dream through your conscious choices; and live it on a daily basis.

Persist and be amazed by the arrival of new resources and new directions beyond what you have ever imagined. You can flip your thinking, ask the right questions, and create the life of your dreams using the power of your mind. As Sherayko did, you can learn to choose Rainbows over Ruins.

NABBW Contributing Author

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