Author: Missie Huber

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

Author Missie Huber makes it clear from the onset of Tormented Souls that the purpose of writing her story wasn\’t to gain sympathy for the loss of her beloved brother, Jack, whose life was cut short due to a drug overdose; or for the death of her father to cirrhosis of the liver just a few years after, nor was it about the bravado.

After losing Jack, her brother Mark succumbed to the same addiction and the heartaches continued. Two brothers in the same family? How could this be?

The author vowed this would never happen to her own children. She would make all of the right decisions as a caring, loving, and protective mom, and educate her children; thus shielding them from the never-ending drug abuse of body and soul. Sadly, her protective efforts failed. I believe “Tormented Souls” is an excellent description of what the author must have felt as she watched her beloved son John grow little by little into a drug addict by first abusing alcohol and marijuana, then ecstasy, and like a runaway train, eventually turning to cocaine.

While interviewing people for this book, Missie Huber asked each recovering addict a simple question, “What were you thinking?” Each time, the answer was the same. “I never thought it would happen to me.” Chilling!

This memoir was written with the hope that anyone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction will read her family\’s story of pain and loss, love and eventual healing, and will realize there truly is hope. There is a way. This book should be required reading in every high school; church gathering, and certainly in every home.

NABBW Contributing Author