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Me, Myself, and I

Author: Sandra McLeod

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

With 35 plus years as a clinical psychologist working with young people, Sandra McLeod Humphrey wrote Me, Myself, and I for today’s “tweens,” –youth who are between the child they were, and the teen they will soon become—the age where adolescent identities are just beginning to be formed and where child-like thoughts turn into adult thoughts.

Written from a Christian perspective with the chapters alphabetized, A through Z, beginning with Chapter 1, “Attitude is Everything,” with ending with chapter Z, “The Final Word, each chapter offers a biblical quote pertinent to the stories situation, and an additional favorite quote, the story/lesson, and then offers study questions at the end of the chapter.

These stories deliver messages of hope, encouragement, and reassurance. Not only do they touch upon situations that almost any child will face (or already has), but they offer insights, solutions, and the reassurance that God is with them, every step of the way.

Advice, study guide, counsel, devotional—no matter what you choose to call this collection of “tween-talk” stories, it’s one tool I would definitely recommend sharing with your children either in the privacy of your home, in a church classroom, or in any group setting for youths. Actually, the lessons contained in Me, Myself, and I could be applied to anyone’s life…at any age—even for me, myself, and I.

NABBW Contributing Author

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