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The Woman\’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living

Author: Corrie Woods

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

Living an exceptional life begins with one\’s state of mind. Enter Corrie Wood\’s book, The Woman\’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living – Practical Steps for Living a Big, Bold, beautiful Life.

Chosen as a Mom\’s Choice Awards® 2009 Silver Recipient for its contribution to the family-friendly adult book genre, and specifically, Women\’s Issues, The Woman\’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living offers readers solid instructions and motivation for breaking down the wall of limiting beliefs that have held them captive for years. Each chapter provides tips, inspiration, tools, practices, and suggestions with pages of “Field Notes” so the reader can answer the thought-provoking questions provided there, and also record their thoughts while designing their exceptional life.

The field guide essentially tells us to show up, move outside of our worn out comfort zones, and develop a clear vision of the life we desire, and above all, do so with a grateful heart and soul; celebrate your unique “self.”

I especially enjoyed the chapter, “Making Mud Pies.” Ms. Woods explained how we should rekindle the attitude and creativity of children who build masterpieces out of mud. They do so with wild, joyous abandonment with no concerns as to whether the pies are formed right or wrong; they\’re just living in the moment and having fun. What a great analogy of how to rediscover the day-to-day joy of living!

She warns to be careful about stifling our creativity and stuffing it in a corner out of fear, worries, and out-dated beliefs. Her advice is to be authentic, be expressive, and put away the “get around-to-it” excuses. Live in the moments you have now, but live the life you\’ve designed. The author also adds that the more resourceful we become, the more playful we will become.

The Woman\’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living offers good sound, practical, and fun advice for women who are tired of leaving their self-expression on the shelf. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any woman ready to step out, step up, and step in to their exceptional life.

NABBW Contributing Author

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