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She Came From Heaven

Author: Rosanne Pellicane

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

She came from heaven. Often people—-and dogs (that\’s right, dogs) —show up when you least expect them, like angels adrift in search of a purpose. They enter one\’s life and set to work sustaining and loving, reassuring and guiding. Few would deny that there is a transcending bond between pet and owner; when the match is right it is definitely a heavenly creation and serves to soothe the beast-like qualities in both. Author Rosanne Pellicane shares her tale of one such match, unlikely and untimely but graciously placed in her hands. Trauma touches her life and standing beside her, faithful and loyal, is Whimsy, the black Labrador that found its way into her yard and eventually into her heart. Pellicane resists the pull to incorporate the displaced creature into her already hectic schedule but she relents, partially due to her husband\’s desire to keep the dog, but when faced with a devastating set of circumstances it is Whimsy\’s presence that comforts her and she is convinced of God\’s intention to unite the two.

She Came from Heaven is a pleasant story about the workings of God\’s grace in our lives. By remaining open to that grace we allow ourselves to be carried through life\’s inevitable hardships.

NABBW Contributing Author

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