Author: Vonda Skelton

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

Vonda Skelton, author of Seeing Through the Lies, wants to reacquaint us with the truth. Skelton’s composition of witty and wise chapters focuses on everything from marriage to over-committing, and uncovers the falsehoods that keep us in stagnant places. Living an authentic life is effortless once we align ourselves with God’s will. Seeing Through the Lies offers a down-to-earth, scripturally-based approach to securing our freedom; freedom from the doing, doing, doing that’s brought on by unrealistic and damaging societal expectations. At the end of each chapter, Skelton lists the biblical passages she recommends the reader refer to for strength in dealing with the subject matter addressed. She exposes her own weaknesses and short-comings, and shares them in a humorous, forgiving manner— the sisterly bond is formed with the reader from the very first sentence and grows in intensity with subsequent pages.

Skelton is an RN, a writer and speaker. With this work, she calls us to open our eyes. I liked that in addition to highlighting scripture, she incorporates various quotes and words of wisdom that she has unearthed. Words like, “You can easily judge the character of a man by the way he treats those who can do nothing for him,” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe—-I love that. Or, in the chapter titled, I’m So Proud of my Humility, “Humility is like underwear—essential, but indecent if it shows,” Helen Neilson.

Seeing Through the Lies can serve as a tool for biblical study: Skelton poses questions to mull-over and where to find the answers in biblical text. She reaffirms the necessity of opening ourselves up to the word of God, and then meditating on those words to hear the guidance He offers; I often need a reminder of ways to do this—Skelton maps a direct, inviting path.

NABBW Contributing Author