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GOLD: How To Go From Lost To Found, Awaken Your Inner Power, And Discover Your Midas Touch

Author: Vicki Lynn King
Reviewed for the NABBW by Anne Holmes

Why does it seem that certain people get all the breaks while others struggle? Is it just luck, or is there something else to consider?

Vicki Lynn King takes you on a journey to find the answers to these questions and more. Find out how to move past your current life circumstances and create a life you will love living! “An inspirational and motivational book. Easy to read and great exercises to get you started to fulfill your dreams.

As I wrote on the back cover of an earlier book: “Vicki has worn a lot of career hats in her life, but the hats she has worn have given her a unique point of view on life. Let me just say, most Baby-Boomer women have reinvented themselves at least once. But Vicki’s an overachiever. What she shares here, about the process and her experiences is well worth the price of this book.”

NABBW Contributing Author

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