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Retirement Can Be Murder

Author: Susan Santangelo

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

Jim Andrews is approaching Retirement age and his wife, Carol, is more than a little concerned. The vision of a dawdling husband, with more than enough time on his hands, replays itself until she becomes resolute in her quest to keep him either working as long as possible, or with unmistakable, clear-cut plans for his retirement. She meddles, with a slight hand, hoping for some desirable results, but instead exacts more change than she ever thought possible….and it’s not all that positive! Jim lands in the middle of a murder investigation. Of all the things they thought they’d be doing together as they grew older…

Retirement Can Be Murder is an amusing offering from author Susan Santangelo. While it is not a deep and compelling mystery, it is entertaining. Santangelo’s characters are believable, albeit slightly immature. The retirement “adventures” continue for Jim and Carol Andrews in Moving Can Be Murder due out in 2010; it will be interesting to see how their evolving relationship with retirement takes shape.

NABBW Contributing Author

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