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Dishing With the Kitchen Virgin

Author: Susan Reinhardt

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

Go ahead. Open it up. Then you see why I say welcome to funny land. Susan Reinhardt has done it again with a collection of food stories where fast-food junkies are vindicated, and where she clearly supports the non-cooks who dream of vending machines in the kitchen. Finally, someone “gets” us.

The chapter titles, such as “If the Baby Comes Early, Blame it on the Ham,” or my favorite chapter, “There\’s No Such Thing as a Free Bird,” (downright hilarious!) let you know from the get-go that each story will have you cracking more than eggs—mainly your ribs from what I call, “out loud” laughter.

Need a gift for Christmas? Then I highly recommend buying Dishing With the Kitchen Virgin. Get one for you, your mamma, your sisters, and all your girlfriends. Then call each other, as I did, and ask which chapter best describes your culinary skills, or lack thereof. What fun! But how did she know?

To be quite honest, the book\’s cover had me hooked. After that, it was just a matter of turning the pages for some of the most humorous “conditions in the kitchen” I\’ve ever read. Congrats Susan. Even Emeril would love this one!

Reinhardt\’s signature dish of culinary cuteness should be called—Success; without the mess!

NABBW Contributing Author

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