Author: Ellen Besso

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

As a certified life coach and a Registered Clinical Counselor, Ellen Basso explains how a balanced approach to caring for aging loved ones is crucial for the well-being of both the care giver and receiver. As her own mother is suffering with Alzheimer’s and she devotes time caring for her, she has had to put her own advice to the test with regards to finding ways to replenish levels of energy and staying positive while meeting the needs of her aging parent. Her book is dedicated to those who drain resources, available time, and sometimes patience to offer their loved ones the best care they can give, and who may end up feeling exhausted, resentful, and depressed in the process. This book cares for the Caregiver.

There are ten chapters, and at end of those chapters there is an exercise booklet that has space for notes and reflections and that coincides with each topic the chapters focus on. Information is delivered in concise and easily digested portions throughout the book. It tackles the negative feelings that come with the changing roles of parent and child; the roles that often flip-flop as the parent ages, is sick, or is compromised physically. Besso’s hope is that from Surviving Eldercare women will draw the support and constructive ideas needed to keep themselves healthy while working to maintain the health of their loved one.

NABBW Contributing Author