Chirping Bird Society Compares Winston Churchill to Capt. Charles Moore

By Goffinet McLaren

In 1937, Britain\’s Winston Churchill was \’chirping\’ incessantly like a bird about the territorial threats of Adolf Hitler and the potential of an upcoming war but the world was asleep and the messenger disparaged as a war-monger. The consequences of national slumber were devastating. Had people only paid attention to Mr. Churchill\’s chirping at that time, Herr Hitler could have been contained, WWII and the Holocaust avoided, and millions of lives saved from torture and death.

In 1997, Capt. Charles Moore, the sea captain, who accidentally encountered a vast arena of plastic litter in the Pacific Ocean, began \’chirping\’ about the devastating consequences of plastic pollution in our seas. But again the world was asleep and Capt. Moore was disparaged by the plastic industry. Since then, millions of sea birds and marine life have been tortured and killed because of plastic in the ocean: the consequences of not containing plastic pollution have become a Holocaust of ocean life in which our human life also depends in a delicate balance.

Winston Churchill was the author of many books about WWII, including The Gathering Storm in which he clearly documented the dangerous threats of Hitler.

Charles Moore has recently published his book, Plastic Ocean, in which he clearly documents the dangerous threats of plastic pollution to both marine life and humans.

On behalf of all those hundreds of people, who have heard Capt. Moore \’chirping\’ about the plastic pollution peril, we thank you for your hard work and efforts to increase awareness about the threats of plastic.

Let us not forget the results of dismissing Mr. Churchill as a war-monger. We must wake up and listen to Capt. Moore, the patriarch of the plastic plague. Today, the enemy is not a territory hungry monster, but the greed of profit-driven corporations who refuse to acknowledge the perils of plastic pollution.

Goffinet McLaren is the author of Sullie Saves the Seas and a co-founder of The Chirping Bird Society.

NABBW Contributing Author