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We are all on a personal path of awakening to our higher self. Let\’s call that “self” our Wise Woman. She is the non-judgmental observer part of ourselves who watches over our life\’s drama and gives us knowing nudges. Some call this awareness our inner voice, our authentic self or just plain intuitive knowing.

Our ego, however, that finely formed false identity we\’ve molded and used for so long, rarely listens to the quiet voice of our Wise Woman. The ego\’s mask has hardened by our posture of performing its familiar acts. How can we listen to our Wise Woman when we\’re busy bending over backward engaged in our “good girl” routine? Or, how do we stand up for ourselves when we\’re cemented to doing anything to please? These sculpted “personalities” of the ego eventually cause pain if held for too long.

When we are too busy to listen to our Wise Woman, the nudge can become a hurtful shove! A divorce, an accident, a loss of some sort becomes kindling for the fire of awakening. It is then, when we have gone through the fire of transformation that we can look back at our journey and realize we had that whisper all the while. If we have the willingness to listen to and the courage to act on our inner guidance, we can straighten out our ego and align with the Wise Woman all at the same time!

Satya Winkelman, M.A., C.P., is a board certified psychotherapist, an international effectiveness trainer for Fortune 500 companies, a facilitator of Wise Women Workshops and a ceramic artist. She is the author of a self-help workbook using her own art as guideposts for change in “Through The Fire: A Woman\’s Guide To Transformation.”
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