Feeling Derailed by Failure? Take a Closer Look!

By Chloe Jon Paul
For the NABBW

chloe-2Failure is another F-word nobody likes but it actually is a great teacher if we make an effort to learn the lessons it has to offer.  Stories abound about people who triumphed over failure and most of us are familiar with Thomas Edison’s 9,999 attempts to find the right material for the light bulb filament he was working on.

There are so many lessons that failure can teach us.  We simply have to be receptive to the “teachable moment.”  Dr. Scott Zarcinas, founder of Unlocking Your Life seminars offers seven key attributes to turn failure into success.  You can log on to his site to find out more.

It’s a good idea to think in terms of “failing forward;” making friends with failure in order to become a better person. I really like what Robert Spadinger posted about the 10 great lessons you can learn from failure.

You might even consider making this quote your mantra; “Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better” ~Samuel Beckett

Another good article is “Failure is a Form of Spiritual Self-Help” by Russell Razzaque.  All too often we find ourselves lamenting over our failure to lead a more spiritual life.

True spirituality makes room for failure, ever reminding us that we can do nothing without God’s help.  Your morning prayer might include: “Lord, I seek Your counsel and permission for all that I do this day.”  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what can happen in the course of a given day.

Last but not least, I want to share this diagram from David Truss’s web site.  I\’m inspired by the way the word fail becomes an acronym for “FAILURE-ALWAYS-INVITES-LEARNING.”

NABBW Contributing Author