Call-to-action book author websites motivate website visitors to start a relationship with the book author and then progress to buying the author\’s book(s). In order to have an effective call-to-action website, you need:

1. A domain name that supports your book. The domain name must be memorable, spelled easily and a .com. (People try .com first if they\’re looking online for a specific website. If you get a domain name with .biz or .net, your online marketing efforts may send potential book buyers to other websites.)

And, most importantly, the domain name must directly relate to your book. may meet the first three criteria, but if your book is about skincare, what is the obvious connection between the domain name and skincare? If you have to explain the connection, that domain name is not an effective domain name for your website – if your goal is to sell your book.

2. A home page that makes it immediately clear what the site is about and what is on offer. If you are selling a book about skincare, a visitor to your website must know immediately that your book is about skincare and what your skincare book does better than other skincare books. What makes your skincare book unique?

This means you do not squander your most important website “real estate” at the top of your home page by announcing in large letters “Welcome to my book site.” In that spot you announce “Skincare book reveals the secrets that no one else will share …….”

3. A large and obvious “Buy this book” button on every page of your website. Believe it or not, there are book author websites with no “buy this book” button or no obvious button. Sometimes the button is so hard to find that potential book buyers leave the site before finding the button.

If you want people to buy your book, make it very easy for them to do so. This means giving them an opportunity to do so from whatever website page they happen to land on or visit.

In conclusion, these are three of the most important tips for a call-to-action book author website. Let your website visitors know immediately what you are offering and how to buy your book.


Phyllis Zimbler Miller is a book author and internet marketer whose company Miller Mosaic, LLC builds call-to-action book author websites. She\’s also the co-host of the BlogTalkRadio show