Listen UP and Lighten UP! Tushkateers, have I got a find for you!

Skinny Scoopers! A website from two sassy \’weight loss sisters,\’ Chris and Lisa, who are dedicated to reporting the news that helps you lose!

Their pages are overflowing with best food finds, tasty tidbits, and hot jeans. They are scouting the weight loss world looking for inside-sources, fitness experts, diet gurus, and best selling authors to interview as they shed \’lite.\’

Recently, they interviewed me (available on I-Tunes as well as on Skinny Scoopers!) We had the best time laughing it up while slimming down. After the recording stopped, I turned the tables on Chris and Lisa, and spontaneously interviewed them!

JT: You guys are so much fun! Who ARE YOU, anyway?

C&L: We are a research geek and a reformed journalist, who together have activated our “wonder twin powers” to help others unlock the mysteries of the weight loss universe.

JT: What are “wonder twin powers?”

C&L: Actually they\’re not unique to us. It\’s that universal spark that happens when two women connect and each help other to become their very best self.

JT: What ARE the mysteries of the weight loss universe?

C&L: Turns out, it\’s not so mysterious at all. We just have to be willing to accept the obvious and make the commitment to take care of ourselves.

JT: So true!!! We do have to accept the obvious! And together, you\’ve lost, or as I like to say, \’permanently removed\’ how much excess weight?

C&L: We collectively lost over 100 pounds and like most people fight like hell every day to not gain every bit of it back.

JT: How did you two find each other? Have you been BBF\’s forever?

C&L: We connected in the hood but solidified our relationship and mission in life when we landed in the same Weight Watchers meeting… one of us trying to conquer a lifetime of emotional eating, the other working to peel off post baby pounds for the fourth time.

JT: Do you mean that you are peeling off the pounds for the fourth time from the first pregnancy; or one time from each of four pregnancies?

C&L: I meant post baby pounds each time after four babies. Yes, didn\’t get back to prepregnancy weight after first baby + 5 + 5+ 5 + 5= hmmm not my goal weight anymore!!??

JT: What\’s The Skinny Scoopers mission?

C&L: To help women on \’the path\’ find the good food, the hot jeans, and be supportive sisters to all who make weight loss & better healthy and joyful journey rather than the insufferable experience.

JT: What are your top ten \’fatitude\’ tips?

C&L: Top Ten “Fatitude” Tips!!! Okay … here they are!

  • Don\’t wait until you reach your goal weight to buy a cute pair of jeans. Shop NOW and buy them in the size you ARE!
  • Always say yes to shoes, purses and bling.
  • Don\’t let your maintenance go- style your hair, put on some makeup.
  • Always secure your oxygen mask first. If you don\’t take care of yourself, you won\’t be there to help the ones you love.
  • Never wear elastic waistbands.
  • Surround yourself with positivity. Eliminate toxic things and people from your life!
  • Get some zzzzzzzzs- can\’t lose if you don\’t snooze.
  • Ask for what you need from the people you love.
  • No negative self talk.
  • Partner up with a friend. The journey is so much easier and fun when you have someone to share it with!

JT: I so appreciate your honesty, your style … I am totally with you on the let\’s make this journey a fun one, eliminate suffering and for sure NO elastic waistbands! Thanks for taking the time to share and lighten.

C&L: Sure thing! Thanks and you are welcome!

Be sure to visit Skinny Scoopers! Listen to Janice Taylor, Our Lady of Weight Loss podcast! And rid thyself of your elastic waistband pants!

Spread the word … NOT the icing!

Janice Taylor Weight Loss Coach

Janice Taylor, is a Weight Loss Coach and Certified Hypnotist. She is the author of Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal and creator of the popular e-newsletter Kick in the Tush Club.