I ran into the Buddha on the Road to Sveltesville, and I said, “Buddha, I\’ve been thinking that I great way to begin to lose weight would be to eliminate high fat and sugary foods. What do you think?” And the Buddha replied, “Maybe!”

What did the Buddha mean? Did he mean that starting there was the \’wrong place to start?\’ Should I be looking at another place, a new place to start??? Needless to say, my mind went into high gear (as our minds tend to do). And … I came up with a near perspective; a new place to start.

Here follows some new thinking on how to move from heavy to light that has nothing whatsoever to do with fat or sugar!

I invite you to just for a moment imagine that you have successfully negotiated your way through your work-day, which basically means that you made it out alive! You worked through piles of paper; you managed not to react to irritating people, you enjoyed the happy moments, and much more!

Now, imagine that – after this invigorating day – you are tentatively putting your key in the front door lock, turning the knob and entering. You are met by two weeks worth of newspapers piled high, and/or dirty laundry, and/or an empty fridge, or plants that need watering, or a dog that didn\’t appreciate your being late and has gnawed his way through your slippers, or dust balls, or stagnant air, or just plain Clutter! I don\’t know what type of disarray you might find in your home, but you do!

Here are some very basic Feng Shui tips that will keep the happy energy flowing!

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui translates literally to “wind-water.” It is the ancient Chinese art of placement, and its goal is to achieve harmony, comfort and balance in one\’s environment first and then in one\’s life.

You can now understand why it is that the perfect way to start anew, to begin your journey to Sveltesville (home of Our Lady of Weight Loss and the Kick in the Tush Club) is to clear your space, so that you can promote free flowing energy throughout your environment! After the energy flows, we can start to fill the fridge with healthy foods!

Feng Shui: 10 Healthy Living Tips

  • Keep Your Doorway and Entry Space Clear. Do you want to deal with an obstacle the moment you enter your home; something to negotiate your way around? What does it do to your \’flow?\’ No, you sure don\’t want to enter your home faced with obstacles. It short circuits your energy, that\’s what it does!
  • Air Quality Matters. In terms of your health, air quality is your number one priority. I know that some of us live in the country, where clean air is plentiful; and then there are those of us who live in the inner-city where soot and unhealthy particles are floating through the air and landing on our windowsills.

    I\’m telling you, do whatever it takes to clear and clean your air. You can grow an indoor garden of air-purifying plants, use essential oils to clear the air, maybe an air-purifier?

  • Let There Be Light. Natural light improves your energy level. If there are things cluttering your windowsills or your blinds or windows are in need of cleaning, clear and clean them.

    Needless to say, if natural light is not as bright or plentiful as you\’d like it to be, there are intelligent, smart indoor lighting products to choose from. As you move into the light, your energy level will improve ten-fold!

  • Sleep Right. You will miraculously find that you will sleep better at night if your bed is positioned so that your head isn\’t resting towards the door. It just feels right. And, if you are sleeping with someone, sharing your bed … do not push two box-springs or mattresses together. The great \’divide\’ divides!
  • Dust Under Things. You may not see the dust under the bed or even in the Closets, but it is there and it is blocking the energy flow.
  • Paint Your Kitchen. It is said that by painting your kitchen a pastel color, you are promoting positive energy, and that bright red and orange promotes appetite. What color is your kitchen and how does its vibe feel to you?
  • Three Feet Between Furniture. The rule of thumb is to leave three feet of open space between all furniture, because it allows for free flow of energy and it will ease your mind.

    I have tweaked this 3 feet between furniture to 3 feet between seating areas. For instance, if I were to leave 3 feet between my sofa and coffee table, end table and side chair, I\’d have to buy my neighbor\’s apartment, knock down the walls for it all to fit in, and it would be ugly! Still, no furniture jams, please!

  • Decorate Organically. The use of earth tones, earth materials such as wood and clay promote a sense of calm and comfort. There are so many amazing, sophisticated shades of yummy clay from brown to grey available.
  • De-Clutter. If the magazines are old, if the newspapers are piling up, if you haven\’t worn that outfit in over 5 years … for goodness sake, toss it! Even if you follow every one of the above steps – paint your kitchen a pastel color, grow healthy plants for healthy air, dust under the bed – the clutter will negate the benefits and zap your energy big time!
  • The Fridge. Now that you have created good feng shui throughout your home, it is time to stock your fridge with the right stuff. A bounty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains!
  • Spread the word … NOT the icing!

    Janice Taylor Weight Loss Coach

    Janice Taylor, is a Weight Loss Coach and Certified Hypnotist. She is the author of Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal and creator of the popular e-newsletter Kick in the Tush Club.