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NABBW Teleseminar Event: Ann Leach on “5 Steps to Holiday Grief Survival”

Ann Leach Shares “5 Steps to Holiday Grief Survival”

Thursday, November 11, 2010

8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (7 PM Central, 6 PM Mountain, 5 PM Pacific)


Guest Ann Leach, author of the soon-to-be-released book

COME OUT OF YOUR SHELL: Questions to Start a Death Discussion When All You\’d Rather Do is Clam Up!


Ann LeachAnn Leach is a certified grief recovery specialist and an award-winning author. She lives in the Ozarks, but works nationally via her organization and website, Life Preservers Grief Support.

This is a global grief support community designed to assist people in shifting their beliefs about death from fear and dread to acceptance and celebration. Her focus: healing the heart, loving no matter what and celebrating the life of your deceased loved one.

Ann gained experience with dealing with grief at a young age. She lost both parents to cancer and, by the time she was sixteen years of age, had lost every male in her life through death. Ann’s experiences with loss have shaped her approach to life, causing her to celebrate each moment and explore what’s truly important for her life.

After acquiring degrees in theatre and journalism, Ann began her career as a publicist for professional theatres. She took a break from this to be her mother’s caregiver and after her death, was motivated to get an advanced degree in psychology and counseling.

At first she worked with kids on drugs and with cancer patients. Then she became freelance writer and now as a grief recovery coach.

As with many of us, Ann she says all of her carer experiences tie together: The journalism training helped her ask powerful questions with she counseling clients and the theatre training allowed her to find creative ways to express herself with her clients.

Eventually she started Life Preservers as a way to support caregivers. In fact, she says that her mother’s death led her on a new spiritual journey that helped lay the foundation for Life Preservers. She wanted to provide support for caregivers, both during the time they are providing care and in the aftermath of the death of the loved one because nothing like that was out there for her when she was a caregiver.

Ann is a published author, and her new book, COME OUT OF YOUR SHELL: Questions to Start a Death Discussion When All You\’d Rather Do is Clam Up! will launch later this month. She promises to tell us more about it on the call…

Recently, as a result of prayer, she has decided to move away from working exclusively with grieving individuals and to step toward creating a global movement to help professionals help others in transforming grief into a life-giving experience. God has guided her to expand her mission to allow her to work with those who have an even greater network of customers and clients so that the message can move faster through the Universe.

When she’s not working, Ann enjoys being in nature and by water, enjoying good conversations with friends, making jewelry and being a visual practitioner: She capture key concepts from meetings and speeches in a visual way, using common icons and words on large sheets of paper.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in this vitally important 60 minute teleseminar:

  • What makes the holidays a particularly tough time for grieving families?
  • What can we say to grieving friends that will help them get through the holidays?
  • How can I help myself get past my own grief so that I can enjoy – or at least get through — the holidays this year?
  • How do we deal with the kids and help them understand?
  • What about a situation where I didn\’t particularly like or get along with the person who died? Should I pretend to be grieving like the rest of the family is?
  • Is it better to honor all the things the deceased relative or friend did to make the holidays great and keep doing them? Or is now a time to make new traditions and do something bold like head to a tropical island instead?

Please join Ann on the call to discover for yourself her 5 Steps to Holiday Grief Survival. You\’ll be glad you did!

This call is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC so be sure to tell your friends about this event!

THURSDAY November 11th, 2010 8 PM Eastern Time.

Presented by the National Association of Baby Boomer Women (www.nabbw.com)

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