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NABBW Biz Building Teleseminar: “Reinventing Yourself? How to Use Social Media to Build and Market Your Business”

NABBW Biz Building Teleseminar ~

“Reinventing Yourself? How to Use Social Media to Build and Market Your Business”

Teleseminar Topic: “Reinventing Yourself? How to Use Social Media to Build and Market Your Business”
Hosted by: NABBW
With Guest presenter: Marissa Sweazy, Digital and Social Media Director, Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group
When: Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time (7 PM Central, 6 PM Mountain, 5 PM Pacific)

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Social Media ~~ It\’s Not Just for Kids Anymore:

In recent years, Boomers have widely adopted social media as a means to stay in touch with those who matter to us. It\’s part of our ongoing act of reinvention…

  • We use Facebook to keep up with news of family and friends.
  • We Tweet about important things happening to and around us. (It\’s NOT just about sharing what we had for breakfast…)
  • Many Boomers have jobs or projects today because we\’ve learned to upload our bios to LinkedIn as a way to augment traditional face-to-face networking as we seek jobs.
  • Not to mention that we\’re sharing photos via sites like Facebook and YouTube.
  • And perhaps you, too, have been delighted to see the role social media have taken recently during the Japanese earthquake and tsunami tragedies. With phone lines down, families are finding each other via the social networks. And what about the power of those instantly transmitted cell phone photos? Just think how 911 might have been different if social media had been in play…

NOW We\’re Starting to Look at How Social Media Can Help Us Generate Income!

As we move forward — reinventing ourselves and developing businesses on a shoestring — questions arise.

The Biggest Social Media Concerns We\’ve Heard Are:

  • How easy – or hard –  is it to start up a business presence on a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter?
  • There\’s only so much time in a day: With limited time, which social media tools are best used to help launch my business?
  • Is Facebook better for some businesses than others?
  • Facebook offers a variety of profiles. There are groups, community pages, personal pages, fan pages… What does each of those do and which would work best for my business?
  • Are social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter really free?
  • Is it really important for me to develop a business profile on LinkedIn?
  • I’ve built my Facebook page – how do I get people to “like” it?

Marissa SweazyTo expedite our learning curve, NABBW is delighted to present our first Biz Building Teleseminar, with guest Marissa Sweazy. Marissa is Digital and Social Media Director at Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group, a boutique public relations & marketing agency in Boston, MA.

We\’re excited to hear from Marissa, as she will be freshly returned from her trip to the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference in Austin, TX.

It is at this conference where platforms such as Twitter were first launched.

As you listen to this 60 minute call you\’ll want to be sure to have a pen and paper handy because Marissa has tons of information — including social media marketing success stories — to share, and also promises something special for all our listeners!

This call is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC so be sure to tell your friends about this event!

Register now – Don\’t Delay – The Call is THIS COMING THURSDAY  NIGHT!!

THURSDAY, March 24, 2011 – 8 PM Eastern Time.

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