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The Kitchen Linens Book

October 13th, 2009

Author: EllynAnne Geiselwww.apronmemories.com Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos I think lack-luster mealtime is an epidemic in this country, or maybe it\’s just my house. Mulling over past dining experiences I can remember very few that were notable, short of Thanksgiving. Not like the days of old when care was taken to set a table, not just with the necessities: forks and knives and plates…but with mood-setting linens covering the table and something other than Brawny paper towels to dab the corners of your mouth (it is simply not enough that they come in some very delightful patterns). A... Read More

The Art of Redesign

August 13th, 2009

Author: Val Sharpwww.sharpredesigns.com Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos I hadn\’t really given much thought to the possibility that my furniture wasn\’t living up to it\’s full potential, but maybe it\’s time I do. Val Sharp, author of The Art of Redesign, offers the “five simple steps to no-cost redecorating” that promise to unearth the hidden treasures in your home. Maybe your redesign entails a light tweaking: the repositioning of a lamp or two, or a stately floor plant—as for me I just might have to rethink the whole arrangement and thankfully Sharp makes... Read More