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Organizational Skills

Getting Rid of Mental Clutter

The words clutter and de-clutter weren\’t in my vocabulary six years ago. As with other things in our culture, TV often leads the way in what Americans focus on. The shows, “Mission Organization” and “Clean Sweep” have brought these two words into our living rooms and beyond. It occurred to me recently that my mind […]

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How to Organize Your Office

It is no secret that having an organized office can help you be more productive and feel less stressed. Since the focus of my business is office organizing, I hear lots of complaints from clients that say they feel so overwhelmed at organizing their offices. Here are a few tips to make that job less […]

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Making a Container for Tax Back-up Receipts

Tax time is stressful for most people. However, if you have your information organized ahead of time, it can be less stressful. Follow the directions below to create your own organizing container for tax back-up receipts. Make a list of all of the deductions that you take for your business. Check with your accountant or […]

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Create an Exit Strategy and a Drop Zone

You\’re running late (again) and in a panic, you\’re trying to get your kids and yourself out the door to school and work. Everyone is running around frantically to find what they need to leave the house with … backpack, cel phone, address book, hat, gym shoes … Does this sound familiar? This was the […]

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