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Entrepreneurship: The Boomer Woman?s Perspective

August 7th, 2007

While there are numerous aspects to being a successful entrepreneur that transcend life stage, there are challenges and opportunities unique to being a boomer woman in business. Being aware of your individual perspective as a boomer entrepreneur is important because it will help you navigate your business more effectively. Unlike younger entrepreneurs, boomers have a wisdom that comes from a life lived and lessons learned. You know who you are and what you have to offer…and that it has value. You also have more work experience, as you may have been in one industry for thirty years and seen... Read More


August 7th, 2007

Seated at the table next to me at a fast food restaurant, I couldn\’t help hearing the lack of conversation between a young woman and a younger uniformed man, clearly employees of the establishment. “You need to take pride in your work,” she told him. There was no response. “I told you last week, to start taking more pride in your work, but I don\’t see any improvement,” she stated. This one way conversation went down hill from there. He kept glancing at her with a confused look as she repeated her unvaried message. Finally, the high school employee muttered... Read More

Positioning Strategies for Boomer Women

July 11th, 2007

Many boomer business owners think they\’re good at what they do, and they\’re right. The problem is that a lot of other boomer entrepreneurs are, too. Competence and even excellence are only one part of the successful entrepreneurial equation. In a crowded marketplace, how will you differentiate yourself? The short answer is positioning, which basically amounts to the perception you create among your prospects that you are the ultimate solution to their needs. You need to give as much thought and planning to how you will position yourself as you do to profit margins, as I can promise... Read More


July 11th, 2007

Sitting in a waiting area above the tradeshow floor, I watched the forklift drivers deliver crates and boxes to small groups who were waiting to transform their rented cement floors into inviting marketing endeavors for the next day\’s expo opening, hosting seven thousand conference attendees. A microcosm of differing work styles, I found it fascinating to watch. In one area, a half-dozen people were standing around, leaning against the crates and talking, as one young woman went about unpacking the boxes and organizing the materials. Ah yes, I recognized those don\’t-exert-too-much-... Read More

Entrepreneurial Points of Promotion

June 11th, 2007

If you build it, they will come…but you have to let them know it\’s there, provide directions, and give them an incentive to make the drive. No matter how fantastic your service, or phenomenal your product, you can\’t sell something to people who don\’t know it exists. Some fundamental Ps of Promotion include: Assess what\’s involved. There\’s an old adage that you “pay for advertising and pray for publicity.” While advertising is an important part of your promotional mix, so too are public relations, marketing materials, and community outreach. Think... Read More


June 11th, 2007

You may have seen this headline or heard about it on the news: “Sex, Shopping and Gambling All in a Day\’s Work.” It was generated by an Interior Department report, citing compelling numbers from an investigation that discovered one million log entries involving 7700 employees visiting auction, gaming, gambling and sex sites on company time. The article finished with plans being implemented to curb offenses and punish violators. Employees whose behavior is the equivalent of stealing time, misusing company equipment and breaking trust with untrustworthy or unprofessional behaviors,... Read More


May 9th, 2007

“Red tape. Infighting. Office politics. Employee morale. Can\’t get things done. Lack of communication. Layers of bureaucracy. Not valued. Rude, difficult people. Indecision. Lack of support. Inconsistency. No clear direction.” These are sample answers from readers to a Winning at Working survey that asked about the biggest problems at work. And then we wonder, as supervisors and managers, why employees aren\’t motivated? Working with a client on a consulting engagement recently, the issue came up again and again, “How can I motivate my employees?” My answer... Read More


April 13th, 2007

In the late 17th century, Lord Chesterfield, an English writer and politician, wrote to his son, “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” Three hundred years later, we still heed this advice from the fourth Earl of Chesterfield. Yet doing it well doesn\’t mean doing it perfectly. The 21st century workplace requires more than doing something well. More accurately, today\’s adage should be: “Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing.” That\’s the secret people who are winning at working know. It\’s action, not inaction, practice not theory,... Read More


March 7th, 2007

When faced with catching a fly ball, Lucy missed again. “The past got in my eyes,” she told Charlie Brown, “I thought I had it, but suddenly I remembered all the others I\’d missed.” In two decades in management, I\’ve known hundreds of workplace Lucys. People who let their past get in the way of their future; who self-determine what they\’re going to do, can do, or might be able to do by what they didn\’t do, haven\’t done, or even failed at. They stay aligned to their past like a Peanuts comic strip philosophy. Past-focused people sabotage... Read More

Look Before You Leap

March 7th, 2007

Many boomer women get so excited about parlaying their passions into sustainable businesses that they sometimes forget to do the legwork needed before jumping into entrepreneurship. While this process may seem tedious at first, and something that is simply delaying your dream, evaluating the marketplace, your skill set, and how the two fit together proves to be empowering, illuminating, and undoubtedly saves you lost time, energy and money. When you think you\’ve done enough research, do some more. You simply can\’t ask enough questions or do enough digging when it comes to starting... Read More