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June 16th, 2008

“I don\’t like to be kept waiting,” he responded when asked by the travel-study professor why he delayed the entire group for a third straight day. “Next time,” the professor warned, “we won\’t hold the bus.” The following day the bus left as scheduled, returning to the hotel late into the evening from a full day of learning and exploring. It also returned to an outraged man who was left behind when, once again, he was late for the designated departure time. “That cured him for the remainder of the trip,” our travel-study professor shared... Read More


May 13th, 2008

It started with a turkey. In the early days of a start-up company I once worked for, a plump turkey was a small thank you token given to employees around the holidays. The turkey-giving practice lasted maybe three years, until the growing size of the organization necessitated its change. And while enhanced benefits emerged to replace that poultry gift, I found it amazing that the missing turkey still appeared as a resentment issue five years later in employee forums. Similarly, I was astounded when I recently heard employees grumbling at a company that provided a daily complimentary hot breakfast... Read More


April 14th, 2008

Once upon a time, a prince and princess lived in stressful palace, surrounded by a stressful village, inside a stressful land. They knew it was stressful because everyone said it was. Their parents, the king and queen, worked from sunrise to sunset hearing issues from their kingdom, weighing the requests, and appropriating the collective harvest to the people of their land. The people also worked from sunrise to sunset, doing their assigned tasks, completing their logs, filing their reports, and seeking an audience with the king and queen to request their needed resources. So it went, year after... Read More

Balancing Your Network for a Better Bottom Line

March 13th, 2008

The beauty of boomer women in business is their collective spirit of collaboration. Rather than being intimidated by a potential business competitor, boomer women will often seek out ways to cross-promote, pool resources, and support one another. They understand that there is enough business for all of us, and the more they work together, the greater the demand for their particular product or service. And this is a good thing…when you carefully select the women with whom you align yourself. And while there are magnificent, talented, brilliant boomer women that you\’d be smart to connect... Read More


March 11th, 2008

Watching a rerun of “What Not to Wear” on The Learning Channel, I was struck by the dialogue between the individual being transformed and the cast of experts. While agreeing to follow the advice and input from these style-masters, “Joyce” was closed to the ideas presented of what she should wear, how her hair should be cut, and her make-up enhanced. Her resistance sounded familiar. It echoed reasons proclaimed by people at work who cling to their comfort zones, eager to maintain the status quo, not rock the boat, or stick with the same skills. These people are past-focused,... Read More


February 15th, 2008

It was a dimly lit restaurant. Still she was dressed in pink, and while I admit it\’s hard to tell the gender of three month old babies, clothing color is a reliable clue. So, it surprised me when the waitress began playing with my granddaughter, asking “How old is he?” Twenty minutes later, that same waitress served our dinners into my daughter-in-law\’s lap, spilling the contents of her tray as she approached the table. We made light of the occurrence, assisting her with basic cleanup, but the interaction got me thinking. I\’ve met and managed too many people who... Read More


December 11th, 2007

Maybe you received the email offering cash in exchange for testing the Microsoft/AOL email tracking system. Or you heard that theaters were using subliminal advertising to increase sales of popcorn and soft drinks. Maybe it was the “buy one, get one free” Porsche promotion that caught your attention, or the warning that reusing plastic water bottles is unhealthy since components breakdown and are ingested. The fact that these are all false didn\’t stop thousands of people from forwarding them, repeating them, or believing them. Two of these even made it into the top twenty-five... Read More


November 15th, 2007

Involved in an expensive developmental workshop, Chad volunteered first when the facilitator queried the group about their objectives. It was the morning session of a weekend event that a friend of mine was conducting, and she\’d asked me to sit-in. So, on a Saturday morning when I\’d normally be sleeping, I found myself listening to Chad\’s frustrations about his lack of success, his inflexible boss, and his difficult coworkers. What sounded like normal workplace frustrations most people experience from time to time changed abruptly when my friend asked Chad if it had always... Read More


October 9th, 2007

Henry Ford is reported to have quipped, “Why is it that I always get the whole person when what I really want is a pair of hands?” The 21st century version doesn\’t sound quite like that, but its essence prevails in plenty of workplaces. The functional equivalent of Ford\’s thinking is housed in statements from supervisors, managers, and coworkers like: “What do you mean her kid is sick again, and I have to do her work?” “I know he\’s having a rough time at home, but he has to leave it at the door.” Or “I\’m sorry his father died... Read More


September 12th, 2007

As a frequent conference speaker, I take advantage of other presentations when my schedule allows. So, I was delighted recently, with three hours to spare before heading to the airport, to hear best selling author of Built to Last, Jim Collins, address an Atlanta group. It was the story he told about interviewing management guru, Peter Drucker, that I\’ve thought of several times since. It stayed with me partially because I\’m a Drucker fan, since his wisdom and insights helped me during my twenty years in management, and partially because it captured an interesting orientation about... Read More